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Fischer H3D Poroscope DC Testing Device - Used

Porosity Testing Device For Detecting Pores & Fissures In Coated Surfaces

Corrosion protection coatings must be free of pores, cracks or embedded foreign objects, so that aggressive substances do not come into contact with the carrier material.
Fine pores or cracks cannot be completely avoided with any coating method. With the POROSCOPE you will find every crack – quickly and safely.

The POROSCOPE allows you to find pores quickly and reliably on coated metals such as
• Enamel or plastic-coated mineral oil tanks, agitator kettles, pipelines, boilers and heat exchangers
• Plastic-coated food packages
• Corrosion protection coatings on hulls

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Bailey Brothers Plumbing Drain Testing Plugs - Used

Centre Locking Pipe Test Plug Available In Various Sizes

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Nanometer Technologies AFiS Sr Automated Fiber Optic Inspection Station - Used

Test your connectors without removing from the polishing fixture. Accommodates Seiko Giken, Seiko Instruments, Domaille, and Nanometer Technologies fixtures. The AFiS is compatible with most other polishing machine’s fixtures as well. Inspects for scratches, pits, epoxy rings, ect. with size and quantitative information. Inspect 24 connectors in about 5 minutes. Fixture Wizard software let’s users design camera paths for inspection of custom fixtures. Store results (including images) in a database. Create statistical analysis’s for connector batches and archives for a month(s) worth of results. Inspect up to 60 connectors at a time

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Gearing & Watson GW Industrial Vibration Shaker - Used

Type GWV300C + Power Supply Box

Vibration Test System - Testing Equipment

Refurbished Item - Full Working Order

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Hilo-Test High Current Pulse Generator System EMC 2004 - Used

EMC 2004 Generator Specifications:

Pulse Generator System 8 / 20 µs 25 kA 1500 J 10 / 50 µs 5 kA 1500 J 10 / 350 µs 600 A 1500 J 10 / 700 µs 300 A 1500 J 10/1000 µs 200 A 1500 J Combination wave plug-in: 1.2 / 50 µs 2 * 10 kV 1500 J 8 / 20 µs 2 * 10 kA 1500 J Varistor test plug-in: 8 / 20 µs 3 kA 250 J Spannungseinschub: 10/700 µs 10kV

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JW Froehlich MFL 60 Leak & Flow Test Panel - Unused

Automatic Dry Air Leak test Flow test

Complete with manuals

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Flex Bend Tester - Used

Wire & Cable Manufacturing & Quality Testing Rope Unit

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OTC Case Cas1804 - Used

Universal Fitting & Hydraulic Pressure Test Kit

Master Hydraulic Fitting Pressure Test Kit & Accessories

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MSA Airtester For Medium Pressure Compressor - Used

Water & Oil Factory Air Line Test Kit

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Elabo High Voltage Tester XMT020 - Used

Industrial Test Equipment 0~5kV AC, 0~7kV DC

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Status Scientific Mentor ACU1 - Used

Automatic Calibration Unit Exhaust Gas Tester